Glyph Frenzy

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by Tal Leming

version 1.0

It's a game in your glyph editor.

Glyph Frenzy

Have you ever been bored while drawing a glyph?

Have you ever been frustrated while drawing a glyph?

Have you ever thought “It would be fun to bounce a ball around the inside of this glyph.” while drawing a glyph?

If you answered yes to any of those questions… Today is your lucky day! Introducing Glyph Frenzy. It’s a useless game that you play in your glyph editor with whatever shapes you are drawing. Turn it on, click, drag, let go and watch the ball bounce off your glyph while you rack up points. Do the points mean anything? No. Are there prizes? No. Does it change my glyph? No. That may actually be useful and the whole point of this thing is to be useless. Is there a convenient way to post my score on social media? YES! This tool makes it very easy to proudly show the world the results of your boredom/frustration/curiosity.

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