Developer certification

certified RoboFont Developer

To become a Certified RoboFont Developer, all you need to do is to have an extension published in the Extension Store.

In case you’re interested, get in touch with the RoboFont Team and provide your extension with some information:

  • What problem does it try to solve?
  • How should it be used?

The extension will be reviewed for code quality, usability, performance etc. We’ll give you our feedback, and maybe some suggestions for improvements. Once we’re both satisfied with the result, the extension will be made available on the store.

Rates and payments

The Extension Store uses the e-commerce platform FastSpring to handle all payments.

The net sales (total sales minus FastSpring fees) are fully for the the developer of the Extension.

FastSpring processes payments twice a month.

Publishing extensions

In order to publish an extension in the Extension Store, the developer needs to have accounts on GitLab and on FastSpring.

The extension must be hosted in a private GitLab repository, to which the Extension Store needs read & write access.

The extension’s repository will be added to the Extension Store as a git submodule – so there is no interaction between the different extensions and developers.

Each repository must include an file with general information about the extension. This file will be used by the Extension Store to create a presentation page for the extension.

Certified developers